Host a Virtual Party

Regardless of where you live, I can become your WH Consultant or Sponsor.


Want to host a party, but finding a date and time that accommodates your job, your friends, and your family may be hard. But… you KNOW your friends and co-workers will love our stuff, and YOU could earn lots of our products FREE AND 1/2 PRICE!

CONTACT ME today to host a Virtual Party!

How does it work? You just let your friends and family know that you are having an online Willow House party with me. They place their order on my website, including our new online outlet and weekly specials. Their order immediately goes to our warehouse and is shipped out directly to them – they’ll receive their order in about a week.

Our beautiful products sell themselves, and YOU could be on your way to earning over $100 in FREE products right now!

*When you host a virtual party, you can earn 70% OFF.

You heard it right — get 70% off any item when your party sales reach $250 and MORE AT HALF PRICE as your sales increase!!

*When your friends book their own parties, you can earn more half-price items.

*SHOP ON US! You get up to 25% of your party sales in free product.

How do you let friends know about your online party?

Contact them via Facebook – Twitter – Email – Text – Phone!!

Do you have a blog? HAVE A BLOG PARTY!This is a great way to earn free product FAST!!

None of the orders ship to the host, so there’s no need for your customers to live in your area.

***Do you live in the DFW area? Want to host a home party? Contact me today!!***