Home Tour – Part One

Before Pinterest, when I found a beautiful inspiration room, I would either bookmark the page or copy/paste the picture into a Word document appropriately titled “Inspiration”. After a while a trend emerged and I started to find my style. I don’t have a specific name for it. It’s more the meshing of several different styles…vintage, traditional, cottage, and maybe a little bit of country. What’s funny is when looking at pictures I was constantly drawn to neutral colors. However, my own home is full of color and I love it! Our bedroom is the only room right now that is somewhat neutral. I tried to go with slightly muted colors in our entry and dining room, but brighter colors just kinda took over.


I’ve had these chairs for several years. I think I paid $5 for each of them. The vanity was my grandmother’s. I’m still debating on whether or not I want to paint it. If you follow my Nesting board on Pinterest, you know I love gallery walls. I have a few of them and most of them were created using items that I already had around the house. I only bought the three 8×10 frames on this wall. I painted the off white frames for a more uniform look.

The little nook is for the garage door and the closet. I just added the “mudroom” hooks. I painted a 1×4 white and then used liquid nails and drywall screws to hang it. The drywall screws are behind the hooks. (We have to use drywall screws to hang anything heavy in our house. We have a steel frame house and it is my nemesis!!) It’s a great place for my purse and our keys.

Dining Room

While we were still in the process of purchasing our home, I saw our dining room table on clearance in the Target Global Bazaar section. (Remember that line? I loved it! I wish Target would bring it back.) It was cheap, but I had to really talk my husband into getting it. If the purchase of our home fell through, we would have no where to put it. The boxes sat in the entryway of our townhome for about three months, but it was worth it! I still love this table. I did have to reupholster the chairs, due to stains. but otherwise it is great shape. The shelves also came from  Target. I think they were $10 each. The curtains were tablecloths…also purchased on clearance at Target. Gotta love Target clearance!

My husband and I built this mantel using this tutorial.

I added the “shutter” behind the canvas, because I felt like it needed to fill the wall a little more. I just used some cedar fence pickets.

Coming up next…the kitchen, hallway, and guest bath. Thanks for joining me today. I’ll leave you with a few more pictures.

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