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My office is coming together…SLOWLY!! But…I’m taking my time and really creating a space where I will love to spend a ton of time.

I love farmhouse tables. I’ve been checking out pictures and different tutorials in hopes of building my own. While searching Pinterest, I also came across a couple of DIY desks that included filing cabinets. Since I can always use more storage, I thought it would be a great idea to combine the two!

A couple of years ago, we built a small porch over our back patio. I kept the extra wood, because I knew I could find something to make with it. It was perfect for this project, but I had to hunt down the filing cabinets. I didn’t realize how expensive new ones were.

Enter Craigslist…..

DIY Desk 5

I quickly found these faux wood, particle board beauties, but they were being sold together with a matching desk for $200. NOT the look or the price I was going for…I called anyway and asked if they would be willing to break up the set. The guy agreed and told me I could have them for $30 total. SCORE!

DIY Desk 4

I primed and painted them white and then went to work on the top.

DIY Desk 3

We cut four of the boards to 8’ each and I sanded and stained them dark walnut. Once the boards were dry, we flipped them over and connected them with fence picket.

(By the way…I am amazed by the things you can create using fence pickets. They only cost a couple of bucks and some of them are already stained. They rank right up there with pallets!)

We just used nails and it’s really sturdy. I think I will go back and add a couple of screws. One of the boards sits a little high and I think a screw will even it out. We set the top on the filing cabinets and it’s so heavy it doesn’t budge. We might go back and connect it to the cabinets when we finish working in the room, but it’s working fine for now.

So, here she is in all her beauty!!

DIY Desk 2

DIY Desk 1

DIY Desk

I’m thinking about stenciling the front of the drawers and will definitely be adding some drawer pulls for some bling, bling!

Is it perfect? Nope! But, I love it. It adds tons of storage and has a huge work surface. Not bad for about $35. We already had the wood, primer, and white paint. $30 for the filing cabinets and $5 for the stain…MUCH cheaper than buying a new desk!

DIY Desk 6

If you look to the left in most of these picture, you’ll notice the blue tape on the wall. I’m still trying to finish my “built-ins”. Talk about a project taking FOREVER! I think we started these about a year ago! I’m already coming up with some new plans for them, but in the mean time I will take some pics to show you what we’ve done so far later this week

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