Coupon Organization with Martha Stewart Home Office

I’ve been a coupon shopper for about 8 years now.

I’ve tried several different methods to organize my coupons.

I started out with a checkbook organizer. It worked for a while, but there were not enough sections so it was difficult to find the coupon I needed.

 I moved to a box organizer. I loved having all of the dividers. I could find what I needed quickly and easily.

BUT…It was too big to comfortably carry with me.

THEN…I got lazy and moved to the “basket” method.

I threw the whole coupon insert into a basket and only cut out the coupons when I needed them.

{I use The Grocery Game, so I have a list that includes where to locate the coupons I need for the week.}

What a mess! The basket stayed in my car most of the time. I would cut the coupons that I needed before I went into the grocery store.

Not convenient….and I would sometimes skip the store, because I didn’t want to take the time to cut my coupons.


If I needed something and there was a coupon for it, I wouldn’t have the coupon with me.

I needed a new method to this madness!!

I never tried the binder method, because I didn’t want to carry around a large binder.

Enter Martha Stewart…Yesterday, I told you about her new line at Staples.

Here’s what I picked up:

I love the size of these binders. I can fit it in my {rather large} purse.

I bought the binder, several 4 pocket sheet protectors, a pack of dividers, a zipper pouch, and some labels. They even have a great elastic band that holds your binder closed!

I had to go back and clip all of my coupons. This took FOREVER

and it was a mess!

Here’s what I ended up with:

I divided it into sections and then printed labels to go on each of the pockets.

I’m going to use the zipper pocket for larger coupons (like BBB) and restaurant coupons.

I love it!! If you are a super couponer, this may not work for you. If you get several inserts a week, the pockets may not be large enough.

There’s just two of us. I get one insert a week and sometimes print coupons.

 I usually only get two papers when the coupons are really good or I will order a few extra from a clipping service when I want to stock up on something.

This is perfect for me. Now I just have to stop being lazy on Sunday and cut my coupons…

What coupon organization method do you use? Have you tried several different ways to organize your coupons, too?


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